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Toughned Glass

Toughened glass is a glass that has undergone a quick cooling process after being heated to about 6500C. As a result, it is four times stronger than annealed glass in general. The treatment creates various physical characteristics because of the enhanced heat treatment and quick cooling of the glass.


CONWOOD Company Ltd, one of the leading industrial group utilizes resources effectivelyto safeguard forest. Conwood is a Green heart, unique propertied product from high qualityPortland cement and special formula cellulose fibre. Its flexibility compatible to natural wood but as strong as concrete. Flexible as wood and can be saw

Glass Fitting Hardware

A Glass is completely recyclable and not degrading during the recycling process. It can be recycled again and again without loss of quality or purity. Architects use glass for a very long time to enhance design, beauty, light, and energy usage, the comfort of the occupants. Glass is available in many aesthetically pleasing sizes and styles


TPI board is eco friendly, light weight and high durable fiber board. It is fixed directly to wall. It is manufactured with autoclave technology to compress high quality TPI Portland cement with natural fibers. It is suitable for construction and decorative applications.

Grand Forge

Grand Forge established in 1948 and manufactures elegant unsurpassed designs, quality and detail inclassic,contemporary and romanticstyle that represents the pinnacle of French craftmanship. They work only their experts from highend manufactured products to tailor-made and from the conceptualization of the design

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